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pdx_alt_events's Journal

Portland Oregon Alternative Events
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The purpose of this group is to promote alternative lifestyle events in the Portland Oregon community. This would include BDSM, Kink, Gay, Lesbian, Trans, Gender Variant, Adult Performer, Fetish, Goth, Body Modification, Poly, Swingers or other similar alternative interests.

Posts will be moderated, and approved as quickly as possible. If an event is 21 and over, please indicate this in the post. Also, please keep posts as informational as possible but not necessarily verbose beyond need. Images are alright as long as they are not explicit. Since this is highly subjective, let's define this as, anything that you would be alright seeing at a conservative work enviroment.

Comments are left on so that people can ask questions about the event, and let others know if they will be attending. Absolutely no intolerence, or other discrimination will be tolerated. Such comments will be screened from view, but left intact in case they need to be shared later with others. You have been warned!